Glamora Eyelash Extensions

Mink full set $80

Two week fill in- $40

Mink Super volume set $120

Removal $25


Due to life cycle of a lash being around 90 days, I recommend that your maintenance should be every 2-3 weeks to ensure maximum fullness.


- Avoid wetting your lashes for at least 24 hours after eyelash application.

-Avoid steam rooms and saunas.

-Avoid oil based make up removers, cleaners, eye creams and facial moisturizers as excessive oil it will weaken the eyelash adhesive.

-When showering, avoid water hitting eyes directly and do not rub your eyes.

-Please do not perm or use eyelash curler on extensions, as they will cause damage to the eyelashes.

-Never pull out your eyelash extensions, It will pull out your natural lash If you would like your lashes to be removed please contact me.

Please note- I will not under any circumstances remove anyone's eyelashes that have been done by another individual.

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